Tech that helps you shop ethically

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Tech that helps you shop ethically

Luc Berlin, Miigle+ founder and CEO, has created a browser extension and an app that helps you find and purchase ethical products from brands from all over the world. ” I wanted to create a company that did some good to the world” Luc says. People now say they want to be conscious about the type of products they purchase. So we decided to use technologies, like artificial intelligance where, when someone is online and they’re shopping for a product, we can look at their search, look at the pages they’re visiting, and we can make recommendations of similar social goods brands or similar ethical products. This way you connect easily with brands that support a social cause and do business responsibly.

Miigle team evaluates every single brand and company that submits themselves to Miigle+. Miigle+ make sure that the brand actually does what they say they do. ‘Stop the water while using me‘ is one such brand. It is an organic cosmetic brand from Hamburg that you can find through Miigle+. The brand donatea share of their revenue to projects that provide clean water.


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