These 15 USD VR Glasses are made in Amazon Rainforest

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These 15 USD VR Glasses are made in Amazon Rainforest

These VR glasses will change the way students learn in Brazil. They are made from the fallen branches of the Miriti tree. A tree which grows in the Amazon. “I take it from the branch’s core and build the VR” says Walter Oliveira, CEO – Inteceleri. Therefore, the material will biodegrade naturally. So it won’t harm the environment because we just use the branches after they fall. They cost around 15 USD, making them affordable for schools all over the country. The project is completely open source. Teachers in the countryside of Para or Manaus, will be able to get the project, make their own glasses, download the app on their mobiles and begin classes with a VR experience, which will make their classes much more enjoyable.

The project was shown for the first time in an event held in partnership with “Google for Education”. We believe that if we can motivate students, they will definitely learn more than they do in the classic wayof teaching we still use, says¬†Walter Oliveira.




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