Building The Home Data Center

April 29, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Storage,Systems

building the home data center

Building the Home Data Center


The Home Data Center: click to enlarge picture

Building the data center is a daunting task, but not for some data center enthusiasts like Alain Boudereault who built his home based data center in his basement with enterprise class servers including HP DL585, DL380, DL580, IBM Blade Center which are backed up by LTo3 & LT05 tape based backups. Most servers are virtualized and managed by vCenter server. The  SAN of the data center are interconnected with a HP 352  fibre channel switch and switch configuration is achieved via a web interface.


The infrastructure is powered using 240 volts , 40 amps electrical box which can supply 9.6 kw/hr, but the average consumption is 1-2 kw/hr as not all servers are active at once. Electrical distribution to the servers is managed by a sentry power tower using web interface. The cost of electricity is 0.07 $ kwh in Quebec Canada. However, during winter the temperature drops below 20 C and the heat generated by the data center is used to heat the house.

For those who want to learn more about configuration, network diagram, and hardware can visit his website here.